Terms of Work

1. The ideas, concepts, and prototypes submitted are original works and have never been made and submitted in other places or competitions

2. Any form of cheating or criminal acts such as plagiarism, copyright infringement and the like will cancel the participant's participation and victory (disqualification).

3. Ideas and concepts are written in the form of digital posters with the conditions stated in the Poster Terms

4. Participants are allowed to make prototype apps in the form of web or mobile apps. Mention the link on the poster (not required, but a plus)

5. Ideas, concepts, and prototypes are entirely the rights of the participants. The committee is not responsible for claims from any party after participants enter this competition

6. Participants can submit more than 1 work and are not limited


Poster Terms

1. Posters containing ideas, concepts, or ready-to-be-developed apps

2. Posters are made with the principles of citizen science in a systematic way:

a. Title

b. Background and problem formulation

c. Destination

d. Method

e. Result

f. Conclusion

3. The poster is made in portrait orientation with a size of 768x1024 pixels

4. On the poster, the logo of the participant's university, the logo of IPB University, and the HackaLink Citizen Science Week 2021 logo must be placed

5. The poster contains the participant's name

6. An example of placing a logo on a poster

A: The logo of the participating university/PT

B: Logo of IPB University. Logo can be downloaded at http://ipb.link/ipbuniversity-logo

C: Logo HackaLink Citizen Science Week 2021. Logo can be downloaded at http://ipb.link/hackalink-logo

7. Posters can be made with any software, there are no special provisions regarding the use of software

8. The submitted works do not contain negative provocative elements, pornography, or SARA (ethnicity, religion, race, and intergroup) as well as all things that violate ethics and morals

9. Poster uploaded to Instagram with tag and mention @webinarfahutanipb and @forest.env accounts and add hashtag #HackaLink #CitizenScience #IPBdigdaya #FTS3